Temporary Hold

Temporary Hold -

Either good news or bad news depending on how you want to take it with the current winter weather we are having this spring, but we will have to delay the start of our season.
Currently there are some issues with Bainbridge (the township that Geauga Lake is in) that is forcing us, the police training we do and the other public safety training that takes place in the lot to be put on hold.
Simply put, the new zoning inspector wants to make sure that ALL the activates that take place at Geauga Lake do so with all the proper permits and permissions according to Bainbridge Twp.
This however may not be the worst news to have this delay. With the snow and freezing cold weather we have been having, all of our planned preseason activities have also had to be postponed. We simply have not had the ability to get the trailer cleaned out, all the equipment serviced and checked, and inventory taken so we can stock up on new supplies.
All the various first responder groups, ourselves, and Geauga Lake are working as fast as possible to minimize the delay. Any dates we have to cancel, we will be able to make up later in the season.
As soon as we get some positive information we will pass it along
Thank you

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2013 Schedule

NORA is proud to present the 2013 Akron Sports Car Club Autocross Racing Series.

NORA’s Official 2013 Schedule -

Jan 15 – Club party/meeting at Jammy Buggars
May 26 – Buschur (Summit Motorsports Park)
June 2 – PE5
June 30 – PE6
July 4 – Fireworks at the Country Club
July 6 – Wedding Reception (Tina & Eric)
July 7 – PE7
July 21 – PE8
Aug 3 – School
Aug 4 – PE9
Aug 17 – Buschur (Summit Motorsports Park)
Aug 18 – PE10
Aug 23-25 – Summit/HotRod
Sept 8 – PE11
Sept 22 – PE12
Oct 6 – PE13
Oct 20 – PE14

As of right now, all NORA Points Events will be held at Geauga Lake. We plan to run both lots this season using the larger lot in the fall. If the Chrysler Plant in Twinsburg proves to be usable, we may try an event or two at that location probably with a set course to run between the rough areas.

There are additional dates still to be confirmed at Summit Motorsports Park were we host the Optima Battery and Lingenfelter autocross portions of their challenges.

There will also be additional Sat. dates made available prior to our regular PE that will be open for testing and training in conjunction with our local exotic car dealers.

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2013 Autocross Rule Changes

2013 NORA/ASCC Season -

Here’s a brief outline of the changes being made for the up coming season.  This is just a brief outline for informational purposes and not the actual wording for the rule changes.

1) NORA will maintain all the current SCCA rules, classing, and regulations except as noted.

  1. NORA will have a separate Street Tire Group. This is unique to NORA and is not what is currently being tried by SCCA.
  2. All car classes will compete against each other, based on PAX, within their group.
  3. All group winners will have a “run off” at the end of each event consisting of 2 runs for overall standings.

To briefly explain what this means, all the current SCCA classes that we have run are still in effect.  We are adding a new “Street Tire Stock” class.  This new car/class will be the same groupings as the current SCCA Stock classing.  Ex – Corvettes are still in SS, Minis are in HS…

The new Street Tire Class’s will be designated by a “T” in front of the first letter of the original stock class.  Ex – a GS car running the new Street Tire class would be TG.  SS=TS, AS=TA, BS=TB…

The new Street Tire Class will have some new unique rules.  Regular SCCA Stock rules apply except as noted below

  • No “R” Comps or Race Tires
  • Tread wear rating of 140 and higher
  • Tires must have at least 2/32 tread remaining at the end of competition
  • BOTH aftermarket front and rear sway bars may be used
  • no remote reservoir shocks or shocks with more than 2 adjustments

All competitors will now compete based on PAX within their Groups.  Groups defined as Street Tire, Stock, Street Prepared, Street Touring, etc.   This means that we will have a new Street Tire PAX for each class in this new group.  We DO NOT run Karts eliminating that group.  With the creation of the Street Tire group and our Rookie group, we will have 8 groups total.  This will give everyone across the board, higher level of competition and more competitors to run against.

A run off at the end of each event for each group winner will be used calculate points to determine our new Driver of the Year.  This combined with competition within each group happening at the same time of the day and under the same conditions (clean course vs dirty, morning vs afternoon) should create a very level playing field for all competitors, reduce any advantage of when you run, and will effective eliminate the need for a “Pro” or “PAX” class.  So NORA will no longer have any form of an “X” class.

In short – win your group under the same conditions as the only people you are competing against. Those points will be calculated for season totals. Move onto the challenge round. Compete against other group winners.  Those points will be calculated for overall Driver of the Year standings.

As stated earlier, we will have individual PAX’s for all 9 classes within the new Street Tire Group.  We are hoping to have the final wording and the PAX numbers available by March 1st. All further updates will be posted on the NORA website and in the Forum.


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Date changes for Test-n-Tune and Event #8

Please take note that the dates of the upcoming test and tune and Event #8 have been pushed back one week respectively. The Test-n-Tune now on Saturday July 21st and Event #8 now on Sunday July 22nd.

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Shootout Saturday / Autocross Sunday

Just a reminder that the 2nd Buschur Racing Shootout at Summit Motorsports Park is this Saturday and the regular ASCC Autocross is Sunday at Geauga Lake.

All times and information are listed on Racerslane.com and also posted in the forum.

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Charity Cruise Aug 14

The Charity Cruise we will be participating in is Sunday August 14th. Proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society.

11:00 AM – Meet & Greet at Panera Bread 2855 West Market Street, Fairlawn Ohio

12:30 PM – Leisurely cruise ending at Richfield Tavern (Meal not included). Relax and eat with friends.

$10 donation per car. Donate more if you wish :)

Contact Morgan Schneider at carscruisingforcancer@gmail.com

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Club Challenge Aug 7th

Akron Sports Car Club Autocross Points Event #9 – August 7th, 2011
Geauga Lake
7213 North Aurora Rd.
Aurora, OH 44202

Event Details:

  • Run Work Order to be decided at event
  • Anticipate 8+ Runs Total
  • Restrooms/Drinks/Food available within walking distance.

Time Schedule:

  • 7:30AM – Course Setup
  • 8:00 – 9:30 – Registration
  • 8:00 – 9:45 – Tech & Safety Inspection Held where GRID would be. ALL cars and helmets will be inspected… Please have your car cleaned out i.e. NO loose items, Helmet in Car, and your Numbers/Class Magnets on)
  • 8:00 – 9:45 – Annual Tech & Safety Inspection – New for 2011, there will be a more detailed inspection for annual tech stickers. If you are eligible for an annual tech sticker and would like one for the 2011 season there will be $10 charge required which will be donated to the cone fund. Annual Tech sticker eligibility is at the discretion of the officers and will not be available for rookies. PM Tiresmoker (Brian) on the forum or talk to him at the event to set this up. http://noraracing.net/forum/ucp.php?i=p … pose&u=180
  • 8:30 – Course Open for Walking
  • 9:30 – Rookie/Beginner Course Walk
  • 10:00 – MANDATORY Drivers Meeting at the trailer (If you are not present during meeting you will be excluded.)
  • 10:30 – First Car Off
  • After Event Finishes go out to eat – TBA

Pre-register now: http://racerslane.com/clubs/NORA%20-%20ASCC/seasons/4/events/11938/registrations/21127 – Pre-Registration closes FRIDAY at NOON, before the Event

  • Pre-registered NORA Members: $30
  • Pre-registered NON-NORA Members: $40
  • Walk-up NORA Members: $35
  • Walk-up NON-NORA Members: $45
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Tech Inspection

Brian Depietro is our new Tech-Inspection Chief for the 2011 Autocross season. He will be running tech inspection at all of the events this year, and he is also in charge of the annual tech-inspection process. We have a new tech-inspection check list as well, which you should definitely take a look at if you are new to autocross or you have not raced with us before.

You can find all the details, and the new tech-inspection sheet on this page

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New website!

We just launched this new website. The new site has a lot of nice new features, like an integrated gallery and direct link to Racerslane.com for registration. The next few upcoming events will always be in the sidebar, and links will take you right to the registration page for that event.

Also, since this new site has a built in blog, so you can expect all future news and announcements to show up here.

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