The Rules

General Requirements

Almost any safe 4 wheel vehicle is usable for auto crossing. Cars must be safe and structurally sound and must pass an onsite safety and tech inspection.

All driver and passengers must have an approved helmet. Some loner helmets are available but are in limited supply. Loner helmets are only available for drivers and not passengers.

The is no restriction on clothing worn. Be comfortable especially for long hot days. The only exception is for those running open cockpit cars that must have a full face helmet for some sort of heavy eye protection – sunglasses do not count.

Currently ASCC and NORA do not allow Kart’s of any kind at the event. As demand grows we will look into adapting Karts into our format.

Event Scoring and Special Classing

The ASCC seasons consists of 14 points events. Your top 12 events will be scored and added together to compile your season class total score. You must compete in at least 10 events to be eligible for season point totals and awards.

Event points are awarded for the top ten spots in each class.

  • 1st – 20
  • 2nd – 17
  • 3rd – 14
  • 4th –12
  • 5th – 10
  • 6th – 8
  • 7th – 6
  • 8th – 4
  • 9th – 2
  • 10th – 1

Index Class: All single car classes will be grouped into an Index Class were they will compete against each other based on the PAX index. An “I” will need to be placed on the car prior to running to show you are in the Indexed class. This will give everyone a competitor to compete against.

Pro Class: Top drivers can compete in the Pro Class. Anyone competing this class will also run against the PAX index. You must place an “X” on your car to show you are running the Pro Class.

Rookie Class: Beginners can compete in a Rookie Class for up to 3 events. This class in also run against the PAX index to accommodate various types of cars. The point of this class is to allow those who are new to autocrossing to compete against eachother and try to learn the basics.  You will receive extra instructions from our Rookie Chief at the event, and instructors will ride with you for at least your first run on the course. When you run in the Rookie Class, you can’t take any other passengers with you. An “R” will need to be placed on your car along with your number.

Awards and Trophies

At the end of each event, there is a ceremony where the top drivers from each class are congratulated and receive trophies. In addition the top drivers overall, based on the PAX index, are identified.

Driver of the Year Award:

A special award will be handed out at the end of the season to the Driver of the Year (DOY). The DOY will be determined by a combined PAX total from each drivers top 12 events.

SCCA Rules and Regulations

For the most part, we follow all the same rules as for SCCA autocrosses, but there are a few differences.

Exceptions to SCCA Rules :

  • We do not allow Karts at most of our events.
  • ALL vehicles must have some sort of muffler.
  • All drivers must have a valid drivers license. Anyone under the age of 18 must also have a minor waiver signed by a parent or guardian.
  • We do allow passengers as long as there is appropriate seat belts. All passengers must also have a valid drivers license. Any passenger under 18 years of age must also have a separate minor waiver signed by a parent or guardian.

All of the rules and car specifications can be found in the SCCA Rule Book.

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