Tech Inspection & Safety

Before all events, everyone must bring their car and helmets through a safety inspection after registration. Your car and helmet will be checked to make sure all is in working order and there is not potential hazard to you competing on course.   You will also have to have both your car class and number clearly visible on both sides of the vehicle.

We will also run an annual tech inspection for the first 4 events on the season.  Your car will be inspected more thoroughly, requiring you to remove both a front and rear wheels to allow access to linkages, suspension parts, hose, lines, tie rod ends etc.  Only members with at least 1 year previous autocross experience or more can receive an annual tech.  Annual Tech will then allow you to not have to go through tech at each event.  However, if any major components are changed on your car, you will have to resubmit for another annual tech.  Re-techs for annuals can be preformed at anytime during the season.

Annual Tech will carry a $10 fee.  This fee will be put into a “Cone Fund” which will be used for cone replacement and equipment upgrades.  You will only receive your sticker and be charged if you pass tech.

Anyone wanting an annual tech must print out the below tech sheet and bring it with them to tech.  If you require a re-tech or want an annual tech later in the season.  Please contact Brian DePietro (Tech Chief) and make arrangements.


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