Welcome to the individual design studio NoraRacing!

We turn the things around you into unique design products that exist in a single copy.

Airbrush services are a new product for Kazakhstan’s creative market, which is just beginning to develop and gain popularity. Aerography is actively used in various spheres of life, it is quick to master and universal in the materials used. To learn aerography, you don’t need to spend 5 years on profile education, you just need to be willing to create and have some free time. All the rest will be done by the specialists of our studio. Our goal is to introduce you to the technique of aerography, make the walls of your home or your car unique or teach you to work in this technique.

We can give individuality to any thing that surrounds you: you can paint the fridge, washing machine, microwave, clothes, flash drive, cell phone, laptop and, of course, the car. You come to us with an idea – we embody it qualitatively and quickly. You can only come to us with the desire to add color to your life – we will develop an idea for you and implement it at its best!

Our masters